The Stages You Will Go Through When Growing a Beard

Men are known to be simple creatures especially when it comes to grooming routines. Unlike girls who spent half of their day with their beauty routines, men settles into a nice rut of washing, shaving, brushing and repeating all of those but things change when there’s growing beard involved.


The truth is, if you wish to grow a beard, you must be prepare to update your grooming routines if you want to have a good looking beard because growing one requires more than just washing and shaving kit. If you have signed up to grow a facial hair, read this article to know what you’re in for:

Your facial hair won’t just come out when you wake up in the morning, there are stages that it will go through and here are some of them as well as tips on how to care for it.

Clean Shaven Stage

In this stage, your grooming routine will be mostly about lubrication and moisturization, this is to ensure that your skin is in good shape before it gets covered with facial hair. What you’ll need: A good shaving cream and lotion. These are for the lubrication and moisturization part as well as to minimize irritation. Dragging a metal blade in your face is brutal enough and if you will not do something to calm it down you must be prepared to endure the redness and stinging feeling.  Using a post-shave moisturizer is also a good idea to keep your face healthy and hydrated.

Stumble Stage

This is the stage where tiny hairs are starting to grow on your face and this is also the stage where you should say goodbye to your face soap and say hello to a beard wash. A beard wash will not only wash your beard hear clean but it will also clean your face. Using a beard wash will keep your face from getting itchy. Itchiness will scuttle your beard ambitions if you will not use a best beard wash.

The Official Beard Stage

The stubble-beard stage can last for a while depending on how quickly your hair grows but once you are done with the once-inch mark, you will then go to the official beard stage where you will already live the dream of having an awesome facial hair. But like in any stages, skin and follicular health is just as important and this is the part where you should consider softening the hair. As the hair gets thicker, the need to moisturize and condition it is important to keep it more comfortable. This is also the stage were your goal is to keep the beard as comfortable as possible as well as to keep it healthy.