Grow Your Nails Faster And Stronger

Not everyone is gifted with strong nails. There are those who used to have strong nails that become soft and sensitive with frequent use of salon nail products for manicures or pedicures. Having these soft nails makes it difficult to grow them out as you are forced to trim them once they chip or break. You may have tried every possible solution to have your nails grow longer and stronger but to no avail. But you can’t just give up.

If you keep on reading, you will find some interesting tips that will help you grow your nails faster and stronger.

But before we spill the beans, let’s first see why your nails are not growing as fast as they should.

Why are your fingernails not  growing fast enough?

Here are some of the most common reasons why your nails may have stopped. Have you been doing any of these?

  1. Nail biting. This is an oral compulsive habit that may be too difficult to break if you have been doing this for a while. It can be a temporary and non-destructive behavior that can become a long-term and severe problem. So, if you really want to grow your nails fast, you’ll need to stop the habit now.

It’s also noteworthy to mention that such a habit can lead to multiple bacterial infections. When that happens, it will impede the growth of the skin and the nails. Painting your nails will help you control that biting habit.

  1. Skipping the base coat. The base coat extends the life of your nail polish base coat. It helps bond the polish to the nail surface as it protects the nail at the same time. So, when you apply your nail polish, make sure that you won’t skip the base coat.
  2. Chipping off the polish on your nails. Needless to say, peeling off the topmost layer of your nail won’t do anything good to your nail. It will only make your nails weak and prone to breakage.
  3. Excessive use of nail care products. Having your nails done more frequently than you should, would naturally weaken your nails. Also, there are many nail care products that contain harmful ingredients that will contribute to the early damage of your nails. Unless you bring your own polish, you can’t be sure whether the nail coating that will be used on your nails is actually formulated to support nail growth. It is best that you give your nails a couple of weeks to breathe and to rest. That means no manicure or pedicure after a previous polish.

Best Vitamins For Nail Growth

There are also some natural supplements that you can consume to boost best vitamins for nail growth, such as those listed here:

  1. Vitamin H (Biotin). This water-soluble vitamin converts food to energy. It helps the natural growth of nails, hair, and your skin. Foods like eggs, milk, salmon, avocado, and bananas are great sources of this vitamin. You can also consume Biotin in the form of supplements. The average daily consumption of this vitamin is about 30-40 micrograms per day to ensure healthy nails.
  2. Folic Acid (Vitamin B9). This is also a water-soluble form of B vitamin. The natural form of this vitamin (that is found in food) is called folate. The synthetic form is what we know as Folic Acid. Leafy vegetables (like spinach, broccoli, and lettuce), fruits (lemons, melons, and bananas), eggs, beets, and meat (liver and kidney are some of the natural sources of this vitamin. You will need 400-500 mcg of this vitamin per day.
  3. Vitamin A. An essential vitamin and antioxidant that keeps the body tissues, bones, teeth, and nails healthy is vitamin A. This essential vitamin also helps release toxins out of the body. Foods spinach, yam, eggs, liver, milk, and apples are great sources of this vitamin.
  4. Vitamin C. Also known as ascorbic acid and L-ascorbic acid, vitamin C is what is often recommended for those who have weak immune system. This water-soluble vitamin is most commonly taken as a supplement, but you can consume foods that are high in vitamin C content, such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, leafy greens, and berries.

Grow Your Nails Faster And Stronger

Here are our recommendations that will help boost your nail growth:

  1. Lemon juice extract.

Soak your nails in a pre-heated mixture of 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 3 tablespoons olive oil for 10 minutes.  Heat the solution for about 20 seconds before soaking your nails in it. Do this every day and you’ll soon see your nails getting stronger, looking cleaner (lemons are great cleaning agent), and growing faster.

You can also skip heating the lemon and just rub the lemon on your nails for five minutes before rinsing your nails and hands (didn’t we say they are also good for the skin?) with warm water.

  1. Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil contains nutrients that hydrate and nourish the nails, cuticles, as well as the skin surrounding your nails. Applying some of this healing oil can also help your manicure or pedicure to last longer. It’s also a great remedy for fungal infections in the nails. Massaging oil on your nails and the surrounding skin can also help improve the circulation of the blood within those areas and help contribute to faster nail growth.

  1. Orange juice extract.

Soak your nails in a bowl of orange juice extract for about 10 minutes. Orange juice contains vitamin C that the skin and nails can use in producing collagen needed to keep your nails strong and healthy.

  1. Olive Oil.

Massaging olive oil on your nails and the surrounding skin will help lock in moisture and soften your nails. This natural oil also contains Vitamin E which improves blood circulation as well as support nail growth.

Nourish your nails with healthy foods

Include these foods in your diet to maintain healthy and shiny nails that will grow strong as they grow fast: eggs, beans, oats, salmon, and sunflower seeds.

If you have reached this far, well and good. You’ll soon have a lot to help you grow your nails quicker and stronger from now on.